Stress & Immune Function Tests

We can now measure your stress levels and immune function quickly and accurately with our saliva-based tests – no blood required!

Cortisol (stress) test

Cortisol is highly correlated with stress. Cortisol levels vary throughout the day for most people, peaking in the morning and then dropping down throughout the day and night. People with high stress levels lose this pattern though and see a blunted peak followed by a persistently high cortisol level . This has been associated with many health problems both short and long term. By measuring your cortisol levels 3 to 5 times in one day, we can get a good understanding of how stressed you are and track your improvement over time.

IgA (immune function) test

IgA is a specific antibody known to be the first line of defence on the mucosal surfaces against upper respiratory tract infection and gastro-intestinal infection. By measuring IgA levels, we can get a good indication of immune activity or reduced immunity due to stress or excessive exercise.

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