Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has never before been so easy to use or so readily accessible to all. HypO2 chambers are spacious but portable, with no oxygen cylinders required. So whether you want recovery from strenuous exercise, injury or surgery, want to boost your energy levels or to minimise the complications from chronic diseases, we can help you. Purchase, rental and pay-per-hour options available.

Oxygen Chambers now available to buy or rent.

What is an oxygen chamber?

People often think of huge decompression chambers but advances in technology mean you can now get oxygen therapy in something a lot smaller and more practical. A chamber that will easily fit into your clinic, spa or home, taking up just 2×1 metres. Our chambers are big enough to comfortably fit a mother and child or a single adult. They’re also bright and spacious inside, with many windows.

The HypO2 chamber is full portable and can be installed in under 10 minutes, while using the chamber is safe and easy. The soft chamber is supported by an external metal frame, which also helps you get in and out. You lie comfortably in the chamber while the air pressure is gradually increased to 1.33 atmospheres. An oxygen concentrator takes oxygen from the air and pumps it into the chamber. A typical session lasts an hour and you will emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The increased pressure allows oxygen to dissolve directly into your blood plasma (usually it is just transported by red blood cells). This makes it easier for body tissues to be oxygenated, especially if the blood circulation has been restricted in some way, e.g. after injury, surgery or from chronic diabetes.

Health benefits

Oxygen therapy has been shown to increase tissue oxygenation, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. It benefits a wide range of conditions, from mild tiredness to wound repair and neurological disorders.


If you are feeling tired, jetlagged or low in energy, a session in an oxygen chamber can help you feel refreshed and more energetic.

Exercise & sports recovery

Training is tough on the body. If you want to succeed you have to push yourself, but your body also needs time to recover after training. Oxygen therapy helps your body to recover faster by reducing inflammation and speeding up muscle repair. So you can push yourself further than you thought possible, with more rigorous training schedules and better results.

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