Corporate Wellness & Executive Wellness

Sitting for hours in front of a computer eating energy-dense foods has become so familiar that it’s hard to imagine our working life any other way. But it would be totally alien to our ancestors and it actually puts a lot of straing on our bodies. Sitting, stress and poor diet all have a huge impact on our long-term health and risk of major problems like diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

The Corporate Wellness movement is one of the most positive changes to sweep through modern office culture, as companies and institutions start to take their employee’s health more seriously.


Studies in the US have shown that $1 invested in employee health returns $3 to $6 in benefits to the company. That’s a good investment for anybody!

Benefits to the company include:
– fewer sick days
– more productive employees (more energetic, better memory, more positive thinking, more sociable)
– higher employee retention
– ability to attract higher calibre of employees
– lower health insurance premiums

Our Services

Om Life is proud to offer a broad range of services in our Corporate Wellness program that give you access to the best equipment and expertise we have. The sort of attention that before only a Manchester United player could get is now available to you and your staff.

What makes Om Life Corporate Wellness better than other programs? Here’s why top companies like Jumeirah Group have partnered with Om Life to provide Corporate Wellness services to some of the top executives in the region:

– We REALLY know our stuff – we have helped everyone from the very overweight to Olympic athletes
– We have the best range of diagnostic equipment in the region to help you discover your body’s unique physiology
– We know how to motivate people to change their lifestyle and get good results
– We know how companies and institutions work and the daily challenges they face
– We are friendly, flexible, mobile and always professional

These are some of the Corporate Wellness services we provide, which can easily be combined into a program or fitness challenge to suit your company’s budget and needs.

– Basic physiological assessments (accurate body composition, resting metabolism, blood pressure etc.)
– Advanced physiological assessments (spine structure & function, sweat sodium levels, stress hormone levels, immune system function)
– Active metabolism & fitness assessment

– Initial one-on-one expert consultation for health & fitness goals, direction-setting
– Nutritional consultation, food diaries and customised meal plans based on your needs
– Health coaching (diet, lifestyle, emotions, friends & family and more)
– Life coaching (planning, leadership, confidence, management, teamwork, psychological profiling and more)

Group or Individual Services
– Group or individual exercise/yoga etc sessions and personal training
– Healthy living workshops
– Confidence & leadership coaching or group workshops
– Psychological personality assessments with advice on working with colleagues
– Corporate gym membership with one of our partner gyms

Information Services
– Wellbeing newsletters (monthly), ‘health tip of the day’
– Articles and guides to different aspects of being healthy in/out of work hours
– Fitness and diet apps, dashboards and progress tracking

– Access to recovery services: spinal mobiliser (back pain/stiffness), oxygen chamber therapy (diabetes, cosmetic/surgery/injury recovery, sports training)
– Ergonomics (healthy desks, chairs, laptop stands etc.)

If you are interested in any of our Corporate Wellness and Employee Wellbeing services, please contact us here. We would be delighted to discuss any aspect of our services with you.

Thank you for the detailed test results. I was impressed by your level of detail and understanding of the subject (without being too commercially driven).” – Satisfied VIP corporate customer of Om Life #1

Thank you for your professionalism and service you showed me during our session last week. I liked your approach in the tests you conducted as I was looking for recommendations to address extending my endurance for my sport.” – Satisfied VIP corporate customer of Om Life #2

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