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Lose weight and get fitter faster by understanding your unique physiology! We have helped everyone from complete beginners to weekend warriors and Olympic athletes. We have world-class sports science expertise and equipment, ready to help you achieve your health & fitness goals more enjoyably and more efficiently.

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I want to lose weight & start getting fit

“I lost 5kg in a month with Om Life and I feel ready for anything now!” – James Donovan

I want to improve my sports performance

“Everything is perfect. I ran a lifetime best yesterday, felt strong and determined.” – Ismael Ssenyange

100% Fitness – I want it all now!

“I have felt supported every step of the way, I’d recommend this to anybody” – Sarah Cawley

Exercise Assessments

As used by top sports teams internationally. Each comes with a detailed report and our personal recommendations for your training.

Training & Recovery

Also used by top sports teams globally. Train more efficiently and recover faster to reach peak performance more quickly.

Our Fitness Partners

Get access to our services through some of the top fitness companies in Dubai…

Executive Wellness

Why is the US President on the treadmill every morning? Executives need stamina to beat the competition – leadership can be stressful and relentless. We work with some of the top companies in the region and offer a truly unique, professional service. Executives get a 15-page report covering all aspects of their physiology, detailed consultations, KPIs and time-saving fitness plans. You get the best out of your Executive Team.

Corporate Wellness

We help companies with individual assessments and consultations, workshops, newsletters, apps, group exercise sessions and fitness challenges. Corporate wellness is not just a perk – it can boost your bottom line. Think greater productivity, retention & morale, lower health insurance costs, fewer sick days and best of all, less presenteeism. If you don’t know what that is, well you’d better read on.

Harvard studies have shown a return of investment of 300-600% on corporate wellness programmes – that’s pretty good!

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Learn more about our Executive Wellness & Corporate Wellness programmes

Official partner for Executive Wellness Services to corporate clients of Jumeirah Talise.

Some of our Corporate Wellness clients


We bring innovative sports science and wellness equipment from around the world to the Middle East. Some is so special that we keep it for ourselves! But most is available to rent or buy. We choose only the best manufacturers, whose equipment has been tried and tested by sports professionals and Olympic teams around the world…

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