VO2 max test

Aerobic & Anaerobic Fitness

Principally, maximal oxygen uptake exercise testing (VO2max testing) can be performed to assess aerobic power. By assessing sub-maximal to maximal oxygen uptake (VO2) levels (amongst other variables), this ensures that we are providing an internationally recognised and utilised assessment which is considered the gold standard for the measure of aerobic fitness.  This can also be combined with lactate threshold testing.

Both measures enable us to set training zones (e.g. based on heart rates, running speed, cycling power output etc.), that are individualised based on ones physiology, in order to maximise client performance gains from training. This undoubtedly allows the athlete to train at their optimum intensity to achieve their goal. So whether you are somebody just starting out on an exercise program or somebody that is an experienced cross-fitter, strength athlete or endurance athlete, having your profile will make your training more time efficient and effective!

Resting Metabolic Rate

Knowing these values will help you control body weight more effectively- key for those competing in exercise events to those that simply want to stay healthy. Understanding how to better control your calorie count, in healthy ways through diet and exercise, will certainly help you with achieving your end goal whether it be losing weight, putting on weight or simply maintaining weight. Also, you can test how your metabolic rate (i.e. fast or slow) compares to others with similar characteristics to you!

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