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“Urban-Ultra is all about making outdoor sports and events accessible to YOU – right where you live. Events are relaxed and fun, and for everyone, not just elite athletes. There are just two ingredients you need … energy and enthusiasm … loads of it! But don’t let the informal environment deceive you, Urban-Ultra events are challenging and will push you to your limits – if you want them to.

All events will have varying degrees of difficulty – just choose according to your ability and what you feel comfortable with doing. Events can include water, wheels, road, track or mountains – maybe even a bit of everything, so be prepared! We also aim to benefit the local community too, so all events will have an element of fundraising for a charitable cause.”

Welcome Urban Ultra members! Om Life now offers a fantastic range of on-site exercise testing at your nearest gym or in one of our Om Life Lounges. Om Life will help you understand your body better and take your performance to the next level so you can train harder, get fitter, go further and run faster.

– Check your SWEAT sodium levels and optimise hydration
– Check your SPINE and improve strength & flexibility
– Mobilise your BACK before or after training
– Measure your METABOLISM at rest
– Measure your BODY COMPOSITION in detail, including inflammation and hydration
– Measure your VO2max, sub-max and anaerobic threshold then plan ideal training zones for your needs
– Measure muscle oxygen consumption and endurance directly
– And much much more!

We’re also happy to talk to you about how to prepare your body for becoming an ultra runner and performing your best over long distances in the desert heat.

If you’re serious about ultra running or just curious then contact us or Urban Ultra today.

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