Acupressure mat

Pranamat acupressure mat

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The Advaita Pranamat acupressure mat combines ancient wisdom with beautiful modern design and the highest-quality natural materials – kind to you and kind to the environment. Pranamat is a wonderful tool for self-healing, relaxation and revitalisation. Perhaps you are doing sports and yoga regularly and need to relax and heal stiff muscles. Perhaps you feel a lack of energy or …

Cool Banditz Cooling Neckties

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Cooling neckties keep you cool outside in the heat whether you are going shopping, running a marathon or climbing up a rockface. Simple yet extremely effective, the neckties contain crystals that absorb up to 500 times their own weight in water. Just put the necktie in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes and you’re ready to go! Tie …

Kwikheat Instant Reusable Heat Packs

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Instant therapeutic heat (up to 54oC) at the click of a button – no microwave required Great for massage, pain relief, reducing muscle tension or just for staying warm Reusable again and again Safe, non-toxic, enviro-friendly Manufactured by a UK company, with ergonomic designs and CE mark Kwikheat instant reusable heat packs are the ultimate heating solution for relief from …