Sweat Check & Electrolyte Hydration

Venturing outside in the UAE means sweating – there’s no getting away from it. If you are doing even moderate exercise outside, you should be aware of how to replace the water and electrolytes lost in your sweat. Getting it wrong can lead to under-performance, excessive tiredness or agonising leg cramps. Om Life is bringing the cutting-edge H2Pro Sweat Test and electrolyte tablets to the UAE, to help you develop your personal hydration strategy with confidence.

The main components of sweat are water and sodium. Most sodium comes from your diet, with the body’s reserves being depleted quite quickly by heavy or prolonged sweating. It’s not just dehydration that can affect your sodium levels – drinking excessive amounts of water can reduce the sodium concentration in your body fluids as well. Symptoms include slower race times, tiredness during and after exercise, poor concentration, the dreaded muscle cramps and even fainting.

Sodium loss is determined by two factors. First, how much you sweat, which is dependent on your activity levels, heat exposure and natural ‘sweatiness’. Second, the sodium concentration in your sweat. This is genetically determined and pretty much constant throughout your life. We’ve found a four-fold variation in the sweat concentration of people we’ve tested. Include sweatiness and there’s more than a ten-fold difference in sodium loss between “salty, heavy sweaters” and “dilute, light sweaters”.

The H2Pro Sweat Test takes around 25 minutes and measures the sodium concentration of your sweat. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve getting sweaty! We collect the sweat from the sweat glands in your forearm using a quick and painless procedure, then measure it in a sodium analyser. This one-off test tells you how much sodium you lose in every litre of sweat, so you can plan your hydration accurately. Based on the results of your test and an activity questionnaire, you’ll receive a detailed and personalised hydration plan for rest, training and competition.

The average person loses 920 mg of sodium per litre of sweat, with a range of 230-1650 mg/l across different people. Most sports drinks and tablets provide 400-550 mg/l, so you can see that it’s not really enough to replace the sodium you’re losing. H2Pro tablets range come in 250, 500, 1000 and 1500 mg/l so you can match your hydration plan to both your activity levels and sweat concentration. The tablets dissolve in 500ml of water, have a mild lemon/lime flavour you won’t get tired of and no carbs or colouring.

If you would like a Sweat Test and consultation or would like to purchase H2Pro hydration tablets, please contact us here. Beginners, keen athletes and sports professionals are all welcome!

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