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It’s January… and the gym is calling…

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Christmas and New Year are over all too soon and for many the main reminders from two weeks of gluttony and overindulgence are a sore head and some extra padding. Where you were tight, smooth and svelte, you are now somewhat… rounded. While pondering New Year’s Resolutions (which 88% of people don’t keep even past January by the way), going to the gym looms large. Unlike last year, you will pound on the treadmill, sweat in bikram and zumba in Zumba until you are tighter, smoother and svelter than ever before.

Most gyms that have survived more than one year (maybe not most gyms in Dubai then) know this effect and are waiting to snap up new annual memberships while you are feeling guilty. Some have special offers for January, others deliberately don’t have special offers, knowing that people will probably sign up anyway.

Gulf News asked me about this trend for a (highly statistical) piece on the January effect and you can read it here.

Or you can just read what I more or less said:

Steve Cronin, expert in fitness and wellness equipment and founder of Om Life, Dubai told Gulf News: “Compared to the rest of the year, January sees a 20-30 per cent increase in memberships driven by holiday indulgences and New Year resolutions. The memberships tend to tail off after January due to lack of motivation.”

Indeed. Will you still be going to the gym in February? Have a flick through the Om Life Wellness Library while you ponder that one.

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