Fitness Services

Lose weight and get fitter faster by understanding your unique physiology! We have helped everyone from complete beginners to weekend warriors and Olympic athletes. We have world-class sports science expertise and equipment, ready to help you achieve your health & fitness goals more enjoyably and more efficiently.

We work with people of all fitness levels and abilities. You may want to lose weight primarily. Or you may be a lean and mean athlete, trying to shave a few seconds off your PB. In either case, the equipment we use is broadly the same but the emphasis is different. Our recommendations are fully tailored to what you are trying to achieve.

We have a lot of different assessments but at the end of the day we care much more about the ‘so what?’ of the results than just doing the assessments themselves. Each assessment should have an impact on your lifestyle or training, and we’ll take the time to explain how – because that how you will get rapid change.

Click on the button below that best describes what you are looking for. We’ll then explain our services in a way that is more suited to you. If you’re not sure, have a look around at all the descriptions and see what fits you.

This is our most comprehensive programme, designed to rapidly transform your weight and fitness levels. Based on our initial consultation with you, we will look at all the relevant aspects of your physiology. We will then use the results to devise a detailed training programme to be carried out with one of our personal training partners. You and they will check in frequently with us to make sure you are making the progress you deserve – regular re-assessments will quantify this and enable us to adjust your training accordingly.

Are you new to the fitness world or out of shape? Don’t worry, we are here to get you fit in the most efficient way possible, without the pain of wasting many hours doing it wrong. You may already have a personal trainer or just not want one (if you do, we recommend our 100% Fitness programme above). In your initial consultation, we will look at what your needs and goals, then identify the assessments that will make the most impact for you. We’re happy to discuss the results with your trainer or doctor too.

Are you fairly fit already and want to take your performance to the next level? We have the professional equipment and expertise to give you a big boost in your favourite sport and find yourself way ahead of the pack. We’ve helped marathon runners, triathlon participants, cyclists, football players, golfers and many more. We’ll use your initial consultation to identify which assessments can really help your goals and your chosen sport. Then we’ll make sure the results are fully reflected in the way you plan your training.

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