Speed Fitness EMS System

The Speed Fitness system is a revolutionary alternative to fixed and free weights, using Electro-Muscular Stimulation to tone your body and build core strength. Moving your body actively against the resistance created by EMS gives you an intense workout, leaving mind and body energised. Just 15 minutes, twice a week is all you need – ideal for busy people looking for impressive results fast. Everyone who walks past someone using it will stop and want a try.

What is the Speed Fitness system?

The Speed Fitness system comes with a suit that can stimulate your major muscle groups directly with up to 85 impulses per second, causing them to contract slightly when the stimulus is applied. This generates resistance similar to loading a weight on the muscle. By moving your muscles against this resistance you can give them a rapid and intense workout, as if you had connected yourself to all the weight machines in the gym! In fact you can quickly work out your whole body, including muscles that often get neglected during gym sessions, like your core muscles. You can turn the intensity up or down to suit your fitness level, or you can just focus on one part of the body.

All you need is just 15 minutes, twice a week for a satisfying and invigorating workout. Unlike some systems, you will immediately feel a sense of achievement and will quickly see results with a firmer, more toned body, greater strength and improved weight loss from tackling fat in troublesome areas.

The Speed Fitness system supports and challenges all fitness levels. Keen amateurs and professionals will find gain increased muscle strength and velocity, bust through plateaus and rebalance asymmetries. People new to the gym will enjoy rapid improvement and usually discover a renewed interest in fitness and exercise.

Health Benefits

The Speed Fitness system gives you an intense workout in a short amount of time – an ideal way for people who are busy or dislike the gym to stay fit and healthy.

Your muscles get to work hard without putting unnecessary stress on joints, unlike with weight-lifting. Also because there are no constraints, you can make natural movements and engage stabiliser muscles just as you would in daily life.

Scientific studies have shown a clear increase in muscle strength, contraction speed and endurance. Body fat and girth were also reduced, especially in stubborn areas like the stomach. The system also has a cellulite setting that can focus on the thighs and backside.

The increase in core strength has also been shown to significantly improve back pain and incontinence. Exercise capacity (VO2 max) almost doubled in people with chronic heart conditions. The ability to target specific body parts helps with rehabilitation, where a client may need to focus on or rest a particular area. The system also allows people to exercise intensively even when mobility is impaired.

Commercial Benefits

The Speed Fitness system requires very little space to operate and can be used in an area as small as 2x2m. Your business will benefit from a strong new revenue stream with sessions sold in packages or linked to other services.

Whether you are running a salon or a rehab clinic, clients will be intrigued by the system and delighted with the results, resulting in new clients through word of mouth, regular repeat business and a real opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The equipment, made in Germany, is robust and low maintenance, with low daily running costs.


The Speed Fitness system comes with different jackets to fit both men and women in a range of sizes. Washable undergarments are also provided and more can be purchased separately.

A portable version is available, ideal for personal trainers making home visits.


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