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Breathing Endurance

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The world’s only lung endurance trainer enables you to work your breathing muscles (diaphragm, abdominals, intercostals etc.) really hard without feeling dizzy or exhausting the rest of your body. By strengthening these muscles you can improve your oxygen intake and carbon dioxide removal over sustained periods of exercise. Your diaphragm requires much more oxygen to work than a leg muscle and it when it gets tired, you’ll really know about it! Blood flow to your legs reduces, core stability goes and your performance crashes. Don’t let your breathing be your limiting factor!

Used by professional and amateur sports lovers for better endurance (cycling, swimming, running etc.) and faster recovery in between bursts of activity (football, rugby etc.).

If you want to try the Spiro Tiger to improve your breathing technique and endurance, please get in touch here. It’s suitable for everyone from the incredibly fit to the incredibly unfit. We’d be delighted to help you in whatever way we can.

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