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Breathing Endurance

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The world’s only lung endurance trainer enables you to work your breathing muscles (diaphragm, abdominals, intercostals etc.) really hard without feeling dizzy or exhausting the rest of your body. By strengthening these muscles you can improve your oxygen intake and carbon dioxide removal over sustained periods of exercise. Your diaphragm requires much more oxygen to work than a leg muscle …

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The Mobiliser

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Gently mobilise all the joints in your spine to relieve back pain & improve flexibility, while your shoulders and calves get a massage. Used by Olympic teams, sports professionals and celebrities. Also used by lots of people who have chronic back pain in the comfort of their own home! We now offer a monthly home rental service so you can …

Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis

Resting Metabolic Rate

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Knowing these values will help you control body weight more effectively- key for those competing in exercise events to those that simply want to stay healthy. Understanding how to better control your calorie count, in healthy ways through diet and exercise, will certainly help you with achieving your end goal whether it be losing weight, putting on weight or simply …

Advanced Body Composition Analysis

Advanced Body Composition Analysis

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Body composition analysis has become a prime measurement for assessing physical health.  The bio-electrical impedance (BIA) method is fast, reliable, affordable and a non-invasive technique to measure body composition.  The BIA method allows you to precisely determine the amount of fat, muscle and fluids (e.g. water) you have in your body.  We also provide you a segmental report where you …

VO2max test

Aerobic & Anaerobic Fitness

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Principally, maximal oxygen uptake exercise testing (VO2max testing) can be performed to assess aerobic power. By assessing sub-maximal to maximal oxygen uptake (VO2) levels (amongst other variables), this ensures that we are providing an internationally recognised and utilised assessment which is considered the gold standard for the measure of aerobic fitness.  This can also be combined with lactate threshold testing. Both …

Al Ain

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Welcome people of Al Ain! We now offer a fantastic range of on-site exercise testing at Al Badia clinic in Al Ain or in one of our Om Life Lounges in Dubai. Om Life will help you understand your body better and take your performance to the next level so you can train harder, get fitter, go further and run …

Supertri triathlon fitness

Super Tri

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“Dubai based SuperTRI, I.T.C.A Certified Triathlon Coach, Trace Rogers is dedicated to equipping you with the skills and techniques to get you through your triathlon journey and to the finish line in the best time. Training focuses on all areas of swim, run and bike and offers programmes to suit your lifestyle and budget. Whatever your ability or goal SuperTRI …

Urban Ultra

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“Urban-Ultra is all about making outdoor sports and events accessible to YOU – right where you live. Events are relaxed and fun, and for everyone, not just elite athletes. There are just two ingredients you need … energy and enthusiasm … loads of it! But don’t let the informal environment deceive you, Urban-Ultra events are challenging and will push you …