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2 measurements that can speed up getting back into shape this January

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So it’s that time of year when you realise you’ve got to lose some weight or prepare for that race or even just go to the gym.

Today we wanted to talk about how to start getting back in shape for the New Year. You’ve made your resolution and now you have to stick to it. There’s also a nice offer for you if you make it to the end…

Let’s start with the basics

1) Find a target weight.
2) Make sure calories out (living, exercise) is greater than calories in (food, drink).

We’re literally not going to go further than that today but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get these first steps wrong!

How much should I weigh?

Unfortunately getting on the scales doesn’t give you much useful information. Nor does calculating your Body Mass Index from your height and weight. It’s much more effective to measure the percentage of fat vs water vs muscle in your body using Body Composition Analysis (BCA) and set yourself targets for these. A healthy fat percentage for 20-40 year olds is 8-19% for men and 21-33% for women. Swapping fat for muscle, you may not lose that much weight anyway!

You might have tried standing on a BCA machine in the gym or clinic. The problem is that many of them aren’t very accurate and give you strange results from week to week, making it impossible to track your progress over time. So we’ve splashed out on a really decent one used by some of the world’s top universities. Not only does it measure fat but also¬† dehydration and water retention as well.

How many calories am I burning?

We burn calories just by living: breathing, thinking, pumping blood around the body and staying warm. This is your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) – your energy expenditure when at rest, measured in kilocalories per day. It can be surprisingly different between people. One study showed a RMR difference between two people that was equivalent to running an extra 10km every day! They had a similar body composition so it was just their metabolism making the difference.

Once you know your RMR, you can tailor an exercise plan and diet much more accurately to hit your target fat and muscle percentages quickly and efficiently. We measure your RMR quickly by assessing your oxygen consumption. This is far more accurate than machines in the gym that guess it from your age, height and weight.

We’re feeling generous

Because we think both these measurements are really important for getting started with your fitness plan and because it’s the New Year, we are offering a special Know Your Body package. If you buy an Advanced Body Composition Analysis for 300 dirhams, we’ll give you a Resting Metabolic Rate check (usual price 250 dirhams) at no extra cost. We’ll even throw in some other measurements like pulse and blood pressure if you ask nicely. Then we’ll give you a detailed report and explain how you can factor the results into your training and lifestyle.

Just call Zane on 052 970 0938 to make a 30-minute appointment before the end of January. You can choose Dubai Mall (Super Care), DIFC (uenergy) or one of our other locations. We can provide services in other emirates and countries too.

Want to know more about Om Life?

We have the latest equipment and world-class expertise to help you lose weight, beat back pain, recover faster or reach your fitness goals, whether you are a total beginner or a professional athlete. We work with individual clients but we also partner up with gyms and sports clubs to help their members too.

  • For athletes, we maximise the impact of training and increase your performance
  • For those who keep relatively fit, we help you understand your body better, so you can push yourself further than you thought possible
  • For those who want to lose weight, we show you how to do it in the most effective and sustainable way

Stay healthy

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